Most people know adding insulation to a home can save you money over time1, but there is still the initial cost of product and installation to consider. Finding incentives that can defray some insulation costs, or financing to pay for the project, can help with this.

To help make your insulation choices more affordable, there are many opportunities to save with rebates and immediate cost reductions on insulation improvements.

Search for Incentives Now

To help you find the best savings on your home insulation, NAIMA commissioned the creation of this custom search tool to identify incentives in your local area.

Please refer to the incentive search disclaimer language below for additional details on this tool.

Please note, results will be limited to insulation-only results. However, your insulation improvements may also qualify for state- or utility company-based “whole-home improvements” incentives. For a comprehensive resource on federal, state and local utility incentives, visit the The Database of State Incentives for Renewables & Efficiency (DSIRE).

IRS Energy Efficiency Tax Credit for Homeowner

Homeowners can be eligible for a tax credit of up to $500 or 10% of qualified energy efficiency improvements, such as insulation. Learn more about the tax credit.

Financing Energy Efficiency Improvements

Financing insulation costs is another approach, if you want to avoid any immediate out of pocket expenses. There are several options for financing your insulation improvements, but the new ReHome Loan program is making significant impact across the country. This product is an unsecured line of credit (not connected to your home or other assets. The program offers homeowners

  • Pre-vetted contractors
  • Quality assurance mechanisms
  • Typically lower interest rates and longer payback terms than a credit card
  • Private sector operations, without the red tape of government and utility provider products
  • Availability in a growing number of states.

To find out if there is a program operating in your state, please visit the ReHome website.

These are just some of the ways of helping address insulation costs, but many others exist.

Search Incentive Disclaimer: The use of this search tool is for informational purposes only. NAIMA cannot and does not guarantee that any of the refunds, rebates, or similar incentives identified through this search tool will be granted to any individual, organization, or entity. NAIMA is not endorsing any of these incentive programs. NAIMA makes no representation as to the likelihood that an incentive will be granted. NAIMA has no knowledge of whether a particular incentive is consistently granted or if certain incentives have a higher chance of being granted. NAIMA makes no warranty as the timeliness of incentives being granted. NAIMA makes no warranty as to the qualifications of an individual or organization or entity to obtain an incentive. NAIMA assumes no liability for use of this tool.

IRS Tax Credit Disclaimer: NAIMA does not state or imply that each and every insulation installation job will qualify for a tax credit. NAIMA does not warrant or guarantee a tax benefit will be awarded for each and every addition of insulation. Eligibility may vary by jurisdiction. Please carefully consult the Internal Revenue Service guidelines on how to qualify for the energy efficiency tax credit. NAIMA does not provide professional counseling.



  1. Savings vary. Find out why in the seller’s fact sheet on R-values. Higher R-values mean greater insulating power.