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All the information you need on a variety of insulation applications in both residential and commercial structures.

Building Professional

Go-to fiberglass and mineral wool insulation resources for residential builders, architects, HERS raters, and contractors.

Building Professional

Insulation specification tools for commercial architects, specifier, engineers, and contractors.


Educational resources for homeowners on how insulation works, where to insulate, and recommend install quantities or thicknesses.


Insights on home insulation to maximize comfort and energy efficiency in all seasons & climates.


Helpful comparisons of a variety of home insulation types, including fiberglass and mineral wool insulation.

We know insulation.

The one-stop source of research findings, education, and insights about structural insulation applications. The Insulation Institute provides insights on uses and best practices related to fiberglass and mineral wool insulation in residential, commercial, and industrial applications. Learn how to maximize energy efficiency in any structure, how to choose between insulation types and air sealing strategies to reduce air leakage. You'll also find resources on meeting codes and standards, guidelines for industrial pipe insulation, helpful tools like 3E Plus® software, and opportunities to get your specific questions answered. Brought to you by the North American Insulation Manufacturers Association.

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Introducing 3E Plus® software.

Calculate the appropriate insulation thickness—every time—for any application quickly and easily.

Determining the appropriate amount of insulation can be tricky. But we’re making it easy. Calculating thickness is a critical part of the success or failure of an insulation system. And with 3E Plus®, you calculate what you need—where you need it.

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