To help support facility and building professionals, we’ve consolidated the facts on a variety of building insulation products across applications, as well as information on proper installation. We also have info on the proper specification, use, and installation of fiberglass insulation and mineral wool insulation products for mechanical, piping, and industrial applications.

Simply choose a category to find comprehensive, field-specific information including:

  • Building insulation options: type comparisons
  • Reasons to insulate
  • Quality installation guidance
  • Industry codes & standards
  • Health, safety and environmental considerations


For residential builders, architects, HERS raters and insulation contractors

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For commercial architects, specifiers, engineers, and general or insulation contractors

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Air Handling

For mechanical and insulation contractors, engineers, and building operations professionals

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For mechanical and insulation contractors, engineers, and facility operations professionals

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For insulation contractors, engineers, and facility and plant professionals

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