Improving Energy, Environment & Economics.

Introducing 3E Plus® software. Calculate the appropriate insulation thickness—every time—for any application quickly and easily.

Make the Easy Choice

Determining the appropriate amount of insulation can be tricky. But we’re making it easy. Calculating thickness is a critical part of the success or failure of an insulation system. And with 3E Plus®, you calculate what you need—where you need it.

Our new, innovative, game–changing software ensures accuracy with customizable inputs for every aspect of your job. Insulation selections are based on K–values from ASTM material standards. We also provide data from every major insulation manufacturer, so you can easily use the K–values of the specific material you are considering.

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Energy – Calculate energy reduction and cost savings from insulating mechanical systems.

Economics – Calculate the most cost-effective thickness for any application.

Environment – Quantify the operational emission reductions from insulating mechanical systems for your decarbonization goals.

Reliable, repeatable results – Built on ASTM Standard C680 just like previous versions of 3E Plus to deliver clear unbiased results.

Material Standards – Includes ASTM material standard k–values for all insulation types.

What’s New
Create insulation thickness tables previously requiring 100s of runs with a click of a button.

3E Plus® is now usable on all types of devices (not just PCs).
Share custom insulation products with team members to improve consistency and better maintain your product library.

Please note that 3E Plus® is now offered as web-based tool. The older, downloadable version of 3E Plus is still available for a limited time. However, this version will no longer receive updates.

Download the older 3E Plus®
For guidance on how to use the older software program, please refer to the Users Manual.