What sets pipe insulation products apart from other forms of thermal insulation such as blankets, boards, sheets, and block is that pipe insulation is usually pre-formed into standardized ‘pipe dimension’ sizes, allowing it to be quickly and professionally installed. While blankets and sheet insulation can be wrapped around a pipe, they are not specifically engineered for piping and the thermal performance, quality of installation, and system may not be as consistent or predictable.

Proper insulation of pipe installation is critical to its effectiveness. NAIMA’s Guide to Insulating Chilled Water Systems offers detailed installation instructions for various insulation types and applications.

Content in the installation guide covers the following:

Section 1: Performance Criteria
  • Discusses chilled water requirements, thermal conductivity and applicable performance and test standards
Section 2: Installation
  • Provides details on installation for a variety of product types and applications, as well as information on pipe supports and field applied jackets
Section 3: Specifications
  • Contains the detailed specification itself as well as an installation checklist
  • Features additional information on relevant standards, codes, work practices and various tools to assist with product specification
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